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Titles are earned by players for achievements, great and small, that players have completed in Parallel Kingdom. Common ways to earn titles include earning Badges, killing certain Monsters, and completing dungeons.

List of Titles


Badge Titles

Dungeon Titles

  • The Exterminator - Earned by completing a City Sewer
  • The Cave Dweller - Earned by completing a Cavern
  • The Flightless - Earned by completing a Roc Nest
  • The Grove Guardian - Earned by completing a Grove
  • The Pupil - Earned by completing a Dojo
  • The Dragon Slayer - Earned by completing a Dragon Lair
  • The Hero of Aquaria - Earned by completing a Sunken City
  • The Stonecore Sentinel - Earned by completing a Tower of the Golem
  • The Judged - Earned by completing a Twisted Prison

Misc Titles

  • The Platinum Champion - Awarded for being a Platinum Member
  • The Beta Knight - Awarded for being an older Beta Tester
  • The Liberator - Awarded for freeing all the Valkyries in a single Twisted Prison

Specialization Titles

Each Specialization can purchase up to seven levels of titles from Monks. The first six are fairly generic while the seventh displays true mastery and is unique.

Specialization Titles
Title Cost
The Apprentice (Specialization) assassin_token.png 200 Tokens
gem_dust.png 125 Gem Dust
The (Specialization) assassin_token.png 300 Tokens
gem_dust.png 125 Gem Dust
The Trained (Specialization) assassin_token.png 500 Tokens
gem_dust.png 125 Gem Dust
The Skilled (Specialization) assassin_token.png 800 Tokens
gem_dust.png 125 Gem Dust
The Master (Specialization) assassin_token.png 2,500 Tokens
gem_dust.png 125 Gem Dust
The Grand Master (Specialization) assassin_token.png 4,000 Tokens
gem_dust.png 125 Gem Dust
Class Specific Final Title:

Assassin: The Terror of the Night

Crafter: The Illustrious Tinkerer

Druid: The Life Bringer

Explorer: The Pioneer of the World

Knight: The Vanguard of Steel

Legion: The Invincible Phalanx

Mercenary: The Battlefield's Herald

Merchant: The Gilded Tycoon

Militia: The Invincible Soldier

Ninja: The Shinobi of Shadows

Oiyoi Master: The Iron Fist of the Pantheon

Ranger: The Flawless Deadeye

Thief: The Ghost Fox

Warrior: The Unstoppable Berserker

assassin_token.png 10,000 Tokens
gem_dust.png 125 Gem Dust
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