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Consumed with the desire to bend the world to her will, looking to force order and judgement across the world, the Keeper of Order is bursting forth from the Sky! Toresti is a multistage sky fight requiring both powerful Airships and well organized friends. Each stage you earn an increasing amount of rewards in the form of Gold and Toresti Plumes. (Plume Rewards for each phase are available on the Plumes page.)

To spawn a Toresti, a player must use a complete Key of Order at a Seeker Temple and prepare for battle. Make sure to arrive with plenty of help and a full tank of fuel. The battle is progressive and will require you and your fleet to follow her to each phase, which will be more difficult than the last.

While it's expected Players make it through the first few stages, the final sections of it are intended to be nearly impossible (hence the multiple tiers of rewards). It is possible to fail the fight once all Airships around her are Disabled. Becoming Disabled by her increases your Airship's Revive Timer.

Expect to see lots of flashy attacks, Deathsoar Scouts, Valkyries, storm clouds, and all sorts of other fun tricks that she'll use to massacre her poor foes. Just make sure to take pride in how far you make it and not get too hung up on the fact that she's practically unbeatable.

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