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Tower Of The Golem


First appearing in June 2012, the Tower of the Golem spawned in random locations all across the world and brought us a few new monsters and features, such as:

Once the Tower of the Golem is completed, it will generate a merchant and then immediately crumble, vanishing from the map. However, it's not uncommon for a Tower Of The Golem to spawn again nearby. If it isn't completed, the Tower will remain standing until a player kills the final boss (Jhramet).

There are three bosses in the Tower of the Golem, which are:

Also, during your adventure through the Tower of the Golem, you will experience different kinds of traps:

Entry Requirements

Player Level: 35+

Entry material requirements vary depending on how many bosses remain within the Tower Of The Golem Dungeon (Shown Below).

Fresh Tower Of Golem
(All bosses remain)
2 Bosses Remain 1 Boss Remains
Platinum Member 10 Refined Oil
1 Wood
6 Refined Oil
1 Wood
3 Refined Oil
1 Wood
Normal Player 20 Refined oil
1 Wood
13 Refined oil
1 Wood
6 Refined oil
1 Wood

Unique Items
You can find Stonecore Sparks here which will help you unlock the Monolith Drafting skill.

For a complete walkthrough/guide of the Tower of Golem, see: Tower of the Golem Walkthrough

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