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Tower of the Golem Walkthrough


This is a Walkthrough for the Tower of the Golem Dungeon.


Preparing for a Tower of Golem

One thing that you should know is that I will be refering to the Tower of the Golem as a TOG from now on throughout the walkthrough. Before you enter a TOG, you need to prepare yourself for the long and hard dungeon. First thing to do when preparing for a TOG is decide if you are going in a group or if you are going solo. Going solo is not recommended, unless you have at least a +26 weapon and armour. If you are doing it in a group, based on the size of the group, you will earn more gold because of the group hunting bonus.

  • A group of 2 gets 50% more gold.
  • A group of 3 gets 95% more gold.
  • A group of 4 gets 135% more gold
  • A group of 5 gets 170% more gold.
  • A group of 6 or more gets 200% more gold.

Let's say you are going with a group. Make sure that SOMEBODY in the group has a gemmed weapon. If not, you stand no chance of defeating the Gem Golems, monsters inside the Tower that can only be killed by gemmed weapons. If you are going solo, get a gemmed weapon. Once you or somebody else in your group has a weapon infused with a gem, you will need to take a trip to your local Trade Hub. The best Trade Hub for the cheapest supplies is New York City. If you can't get there, just ask for an invite in Help or Trade Chat. The list of items are my recommendations. It is possible to complete a TOG without these items, but these make it a heck of a lot easier. Once you are in New York City, check your shopping list below:

  • 60 Fire Bombs
  • 10 Rolly's Serum
  • 10 Inspiration Tonics (If running for pages/bricks)
  • 20 Traps
  • 20 Nets
  • At lest 200 Berries
  • 50 Refined Oil (For polishing rings that might come in handy)
  • Patience. (One of the most important things on this list. You will die, and this dungeon will take a while. That's the truth. Prepare yourself for that.)

The above list is only RECOMMENDED supplies. If you don't want to get all this, don't! This is what I think is a good list for supplies that should get you pretty far in the dungeon. Once you are satisfied with your chosen supplies, get ready to enter the dungeon.

Entering the Dungeon

First thing you need to do is find a TOG. They spawn randomly throughout the world, on land only. Once they are completed, they disappear immediately, and a new TOG will respawn several hours later. Once you have found one that you like, decide how many torches you want to go in on, if you are in a group. For every torch that enters the dungeon another set of monsters spawn per room. The choice of torches is up to you. If you want somebody to not have a torch, invite them to where you are. Then enter the dungeon with them on your invite, and Bingo! You have a person in without another torch. For those that will be carrying torches, the cost is:

  • 20 Refined Oil (Unless Platinum Member, in which case it's only 10.)
  • 1 Wood.

Once you are inside the dungeon and your entire party is with you, prepare for an epic adventure.

Inside the Tower

Welcome to the famed Tower of the Golem! Prepare yourself for the challenges that lie ahead. You should now be in a room with 4 doors, one on each side of the room. Only 2 will be open, up and down. Down is to exit the dungeon, which you don't want. When you are ready, go up.

Its a long way to the top

There are three bosses in the whole TOG:

But before you can face them, you have to fight your way up many floors. Every floor is a 2x2 grid of rooms. In these rooms you find different enemies, like the already mentioned Gem Golems or their little brothers, the Metal Golems. As if this wouldn't be enough, the ground is also coverd with traps, which can bring you back to the beginning of the TOG, spawn metal golems or cause heavy damage on you. In every room you have up to two doors, which lead you to the next room. In one room you find stairs, which bring you to the next level. The higher you are, the stronger the monsters will get.

The first boss

After some time, you're going to enter a room and Bäm! Big ugly thing in the centre of the room. No, that's NOT my grandma, that's the Stone Minotaur. When you attack him, he tends to charge at you and throw you a good distance away from him, attempting to deal as much damage as he can. While fighting the Stone Minotaur, you'll notice four of these Healer Monoliths: gmo_healer_monolith.png gmo_neutralizing_pillars_broken.png one in each corner of the room. When you're battling the Stone Minotaur, you'll need to lead him close to these monoliths so when he charges you, he breaks the monolith, which will stop healing him every time you hit him. The broken monolith will eventually be repaired by a Stone Golem, so be sure to kill it quickly before the monolith gets repaired!

After you killed him, he drops some Stonecore Sparks and the stairs get unlocked. Your journey can go on.

The second boss

What? Another boss? Calm down. At first you have to fight your way some more floors up. But after some more senseless murdering you reach him. The Spark Of The Corrupted (he would sit quite well on my Christmas tree...)

This boss emits electrical energy when attacked that deals multiple hits at once. You character may also develop a link type Symbol around your head when attacking this boss. This symbol will flash blue and means that attacking the boss again will result in your character becoming trapped by the spark for 15 seconds.

A defence measure the spark of corruption will use as it takes damage is a "Corrupted Self" which is a clone of any and all attackers with the players equal strengths, defence, weapons and armour (does not clone minions or philostratus trees). It also will not clone any ranged weapons (longbow, sling, crossbow etc...) you might be using.

NOTE: The Corrupted Self cannot inflict debuffs, even if it has cloned a metal infused weapon you have equipped.

As a final defensive measure the spark will transform into a swag item however selecting the pick up option results in instant death causing a decrease in max health of -5.

Killing this boss pays 10 Stonecore Sparks.

Third boss

No, two aren't enough. Another big guy is hiding in the tower. You find him after some more endless floors and waves of enemies. His name is Jhramet, and he is way harder to beat than the bosses you saw before. He will spawn Hammers Of Time when attacked, which you must not allow to reach the Stonecore Forge at the other end of the room. Should the Hammers Of Time reach the Stonecore Forge they will generate a Metal Golem, which you must beat in order to continue. If 3 hammers hit the Stonecore Forge you and everyone else will be ejected from the room.

Defeating Jhramet will award 40 Stonecore Sparks and will unlock the Stonecore Forge for you, where you can unlock the Monolith Drafting skill with 150 stonecore sparks.

Good work hero

You made it. The TOG is finally done and you stood your man. Congratulations. You made the hardest dungeon in whole Parallel Kingdom. The tower will disappear immediately after you exit, but maybe you find a new one someday and dare again this epic adventure.

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