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Trade Tent


Trade Tents are temporary Buildings that allow Players to make secure Item to Item Trades. To Build a Trade Tent, simply open your Build Menu and select it from the list of options available.
Note: Trade Tents are only a temporary structure.

Once built, the owner of the Trade Tend will automatically enter it, and other Players may enter. Only one Player (Other than the owner) can enter the Trade Tent at any given time. Any other players will have to wait until that first player has left the Trade Tent before they can enter.


Construction Costs

Non-Merchant Players

These players can build a Trade Tent at the cost of 1 Trade Tent Kit. Trade Tent Kits can be purchased from Markets or Traveling Merchants by players with the Mercantilism Skill.

Merchant Class Players

Merchants have a bonus that lets them build a Trade Tent for an amount of Silk (Price varies depending on Merchant Level).

  • Merchant Level 1 - Trade Tent costs 200 Silk
  • Merchant Level 3 - Trade Tent costs 150 Silk
  • Merchant Level 5 - Trade Tent costs 100 Silk

Once Inside

Inside the Trade Tent, each player will have a Rug where they can place up to 16 items in a 4x4 grid (Food and gold can also be placed to become part of the trade). Each player can only pick up items from their own Rug, though it is possible to tap on the other player's items to see what they have placed to trade. This allows a player to check quantities and Ring Stats etc...

The Trade States

Each player has a Shop Sign behind them which will show their state within the Trade process.

  • Unlocked
    • Signified by a red 'X'
    • While in the 'Unlocked' State, items can be placed or removed from the Trading Rug. The only state which can be changed to from here is the 'Locked' State
  • Locked
    • Signified by a closed padlock icon
    • When in this State, the items placed on the Trade Rug are locked in place This means that no more items can be placed or removed by the player in the 'Locked' State.
    • Players can switch to the 'Unlocked' State freely, but can only change to the 'Trade' State if BOTH players are in the 'Locked' State
  • Trade
    • Signified by a green dot
    • Once both players have set their state to 'Trade', items placed on the Rugs are swapped from one player to the other, a "Trade Complete" notification is shown, and after 5 seconds both players are automatically kicked from the Tent. The Tent is then removed from the map
    • If one player changes their State to 'Unlocked', the other player's State will automatically be changed to 'Locked'

Extra Info

  • The owner of the Trade Tent has the ability to kick the other player from the tent (All items will be clear from the Trade Rug first)
  • If the owner of the Trade Tent leaves, the other player is kicked, the Tent is destroyed, and the costs are returned to the owner
  • Trade Tent cannot be attacked
  • Trade Tent KITS are ITEMS that are tradable, droppable, etc. Trade Tents are BUILDINGS. Merchant class characters are able to build Trade Tents (Buildings) with Silk. Trade Tent Kits (Items) are not craftable.

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