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Trading Chat


Trading Chat, (AKA Trade Chat) is a PK chatroom open to all players. Trade Chat is a place where players can offer to sell their own items, or buy other's items.

Some abbreviations that are used in Trade Chat:

  • WTB: Wanting to Buy
  • WTS: Wanting to Sell
  • PC: Price Check

Trade Chat is to be only used for PK-related topics.

Rules of Chat: Trade Chat

  • For Listing Goods that You Want to Trade for
  • Trade Spam is Allowed to Some Extent (ad must scroll off screen before repeating)
  • Adverts for Hat Races are only allowed in this channel and follow the same rules as Trade Spam
  • Inappropriate Language is Not Allowed
  • Player Harassment is Not Allowed
  • General Discussions and Conversations are Not Allowed
  • Discussions of Sex, Drugs, Politics, and Religion Not Allowed
  • Large ASCII art and other obscene posts are Not Allowed
  • Discussion of Moderators, their practices, and any banning that has taken place is Not Allowed
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