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The Troodonts, after 65 million years of struggling, now desire to experience the whole civilization thing. Despite a lack of thumbs and their inborn tendencies toward cannibalism, they have strung together a relatively complex, quasi-feudal society complete with art, metalworking, and politics. As the Troodont society continues to grow ever larger, more of their kind feel threatened with the prospect of becoming dinner. Each elder Troodont exerts control over a region and forces its lessers to guard and maintain the area. Once a Troodont has gained control of a region, they will be unwilling to give it up - even if it means the slaughter of their vassals. For that matter, Troodonts do not like giving anything up, and if you do not want them to attack you, then do not brandish Troodont made equipment at them, it makes them especially angry.

Troodonts are similar to Dire Wolves, but more aggressive. They are found in groups, and will chase you across the map just to watch you bleed. They are similar to Stags in that they will protect each other if attacked.

Best Weapon Set
Spear, Shield/Breastplate

Item drop
Spears, Daggers, Shields, Breastplates, Backpacks