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The average Troll cannot deal with the complexities presented by a full-fledged civilization. They are more than content to maintain their tribal lifestyle and have done so for millennia. Trolls value strength in battle and, by nature, respect any who challenge them. Despite their reverence for strength, Trolls also have a very spiritual side. They appreciate nature and, above all, hold much esteem for the giant birds known as Rocs. Many wild Rocs are cared for and raised by Trolls. To show their appreciation, they allow Trolls to collect bundles of their Roc Feathers before returning to the skies.

Trolls have many taboos that outsiders should be aware of. They hold Mourning Trees sacred. Attempting to chop down a Mourning Tree while near Trolls, will anger them and cause them to attack you as a warning. While Trolls do respect powerful adventurers, they are not above holding grudges. All Trolls will refuse to trade their precious Roc Feathers for 12 hours to anyone that attacks them or their kind. For this reason, it's not recommended that you attack Trolls without taking stock of how many Roc Feathers you currently have.

Adventurer relations with Trolls has always been a fine line. In general, Trolls are friendly and are more than willing to trade whatever they have on them for shiny Gold coins. It's even been told that if you can get the Trolls living in Troll Huts to respect you, they'll teach you some of their Troll Lore traditions and offer you their help. However, attack them or chop one of their sacred trees and don't be surprised if they call their nearby friends and fight back. Expect them to use any weapons or armor that drop to the ground. Trolls will fight with everything they've got and expect you to do the same.

Best Weapon Set
Axe, Breastplate/Dragon Scalemail

Item drop
Swords, Axes, Daggers, Breastplates, Shields, Mourning Berries, Backpacks