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Troll Hut


Occasionally, small groups of Trolls will come together and construct Troll Huts throughout Parallel Kingdom. Made of thick grass and sturdy wood, they provide the Trolls with a place to gather and practice their unique traditions.

Troll Huts serve a few purposes to any travelers that haven't attacked any Trolls recently. For a few gold, the Trolls will be happy to heal your wounds with their natural medicines. They are also the best place to buy Roc Feathers in bulk and at a discounted price. The Trolls inside will also unlock the Troll Lore skill set if you present them with 5 Roc Eggs collected from Roc Nests. You don't have to worry that these Eggs will be some lucky Troll's omelette; they hold them sacred and will care for them well.

Some adventurers can use Troll Huts for traveling. For this reason, you may wish to destroy Troll Huts as a way to prevent these adventurers from gaining access to your territory. Troll Huts have 10,000 HP and do not need to be burned; you simply attack them until they are destroyed. The Trolls might bring in their friends to help defend it and if the attackers perish or run away, the Trolls inside will repair the Hut at impressive speeds. However, a few Trolls may be the least of your worries. Rumors have it that the Trolls have begun domesticating wild beasts; loud roars can be heard from the Huts at night.

Troll huts also sell Mourning Elixirs. These Elixirs cost 150 Refined Oil and 150 Mourning Berrys. These Elixirs last for 24 hours, and allow you to recover 5 max HP per hour, as opposed to the normal 1. An elixir can only be purchased once a day, is used immediately, and lasts for up to 24 hours. Only one may be used at a time. If your HP recovers to full while using it, it will stop. Angry Trolls will not sell to you if you have attacked any within the last 12 hours.

Troll Huts now sell a cure for Vampirism as well. The cure costs 1 Roc Egg and 10 Refined Oil.