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Troll Lore


Knowledge of Troll Culture that provides unique benefits like Summoning Trolls.

Requirement: To unlock this skill you must give 5 Roc Eggs to a Troll Hut. Roc Eggs may be obtained by completing a Roc Nest Dungeon or can be purchased from a Trade Post or Trade Hub.

Level 1 (cost: 1 Skill Point)

  • Can see and visit Troll Huts outside your visible circle
  • Purchases from Trolls are 5% cheaper

Level 2 (cost: 1 Skill Point)

  • Trolls will let you chop Mourning Trees
  • Purchases from Trolls are 10% cheaper

Level 3 (cost: 1 Skill Point)

  • Adds a Troll Horn to your inventory for summoning powerful, well-equipped Troll minions to fight with you
  • Trolls can be made peaceful for some Mourning Berries