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Troodont King


Deep in the heart of Caverns rests the Troodont Kings. They are protected by their lesser relatives, Troodonts. These kings of the cavern are very strong, and will only attack you if you strike first. They are your sole source of Troodont Scales, so you must kill him to attain one.

Aside from killing them to acquire Troodont Scales, if you return 5 Troodont Scales to a Troodont King, he will unlock the Troodont Doctrine skills for you. But be careful, if you attack a Troodont King, he will not let you unlock Troodont Doctrine.

Some players have reported seeing more than one Troodont King in a cavern. This is reported to occur when another player has reached the room of the king but was unable to vanquish him.

Best Weapon Set
Spear, Shield

Item drop
Troodont Scale