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Trophy Room

The Trophy Room is an addition built onto the Country Manor. This room allows you to show off your most prestigious, hard earned possessions. After you build the addition, you can go inside your Manor and see your Trophy Room from the upstairs hallway.

The room is a collection of Trophy Pedestals upon which you place the items that you would like to show off. One pedestal comes with the initial Trophy Room upgrade and each additional pedestal is unlocked for some food price, up to a maximum of 14 pedestals. When you place an item on a pedestal, it shows up on your Profile page, so other players can see it. These items will remain in your inventory also, so you can still use them as you normally would.

The Trophy Room can only be built onto a Manor. To build one, tap your Manor and choose "Build Trophy Room."

For an item to remain in your trophies it must remain in your inventory or dropped on the floor of the trophy room, dropping the item anywhere else will remove it from your trophies list.

It costs a total of 2,275 Food to acquire all additional 13 pedestals.

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