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Twilight Cactus

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The Twilight Cactus is a Latitude Tree. Latitude Trees are special trees that only spawn in certain places around the world. The Twilight Cactus spawns in the Tropical Zones, or closer to the Equator. Twilight Cacti are a little bit like Mourning Trees, but not exactly the same. First of all, Twilight Cacti grow Twilight Berries. When you harvest a Twilight Cactus, you get one Twilight Berry.

Twilight Berries heal half as fast as Mourning Berries, but last twice as long. Another difference with Twilight Berries is that they still stay active once you reach your full HP. If you reach full HP, then get injured again, the Twilight Berry will still heal you, until the healing time is up. Short of dying, the Twilight Berry will never wear off before its timer is up.

Twilight Cacti can be chopped down. They take 15 seconds to chop, and do not give any Wood. Since they don't give any wood, they have a special healing power. When you chop them down, 50% of your HP is healed.

A Twilight Cactus can be summoned as a Philostratus by anyone with Warden Knowledge Skill. These are capable of range attacks and applying shade debuff.

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