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Twisted Prison


Twisted Prisons are evil, dark, and deadly homes of the Deathsoar. Twisted Prisons can be found in the Sky Realm. Once shot down to the Land Realm, Twisted Prisons become Dungeons.


Finding a Prison

When traveling throughout the Sky Realm, Deathsoar Scouts may appear and attack you. If you defeat them, a trail will be revealed, leading to the Twisted Prison. Keep following the trail and defeating the scouts, and eventually you will find the Twisted Prison.

The trail to a Twisted Prison can only be revealed once every 12 hours. Twisted Prisons will not spawn in the Sky Realm if you have found one within the past 12 hours.

The Sky Fight

Once you find a Twisted Prison, you need to defeat it. Beware though, as the Twisted Prison will shoot out Twisted Prison Projectiles at you, which will damage your Airship. You need to dodge the energy and deplete the health of the Prison. When you defeat the Twisted Prison, you will receive a large sum of Gold, pages, and Levitation Energy. You will also get a chunk of materials that is dependent on your lowest leveled cannon. The cannon material rewards can be found here.

Crashed Twisted Prison

When the Twisted Prison is defeated, it will crash to the ground, and leave behind a smoke marker in the Sky Realm. You can track them onto the Land Realm by using the smoke as a guide, in addition to Map Marker Kits. Once you reach the Crashed Twisted Prison, there will be a group of Deathsoar waiting there. Deathsoar Scouts, Deathsoar Sentinels, and Deathsoar Justicars will all be awaiting your arrival at their fallen home. Beware, as these creatures pack a large punch, especially the Justicars. Luckily, they are very rewarding, and are a worthwhile challenge. The monsters will respawn every 6 hours at Crashed Twisted Prisons.

The Dungeon

Twisted Prisons are a kind of dungeon. Twisted Prisons can be defeated in the Sky Realm and tracked to the Land Realm. Once they are on the Land Realm, they will only last for 24 hours before disappearing. To enter a Twisted Prison, you must be Level 40 or higher. Entering a Twisted Prison requires 1 Wood and 20 Refined Oil. (Only 10 Refined Oil if you are a Platinum Member). Once you enter the Twisted Prison, many kinds of monsters, challenges, and treasure awaits you. There are three parts of the Twisted Prison.

Deathsoar Barracks


The Deathsoar Barracks are a maze-like section of the Twisted Prison. When you first enter the Twisted Prison, you will be in the Deathsoar Barracks. Make your way throughout the maze, by defeating the monsters within. You will find many Deathsoar Scouts and Deathsoar Zealots here. Once you manage to make it through the Deathsoar Barracks, you will arrive at the home of the Centurion, the master of the Deathsoar Barracks. Defeat him, and you will earn 10 Seals of Judgement. You will now progress into the second part of the Twisted Prison, The Cells of Torment.

Cells of Torment


The Cells of Torment are the heart of the Twisted Prison. Here, Valkyrie are held hostage by the Deathsoar and their slaves, the Naga Tormentors. You will have 60 seconds to defeat the Tormentor, and then the Valkyrie prisoner will be freed. The most direct way to get through the Cells of Torment is a straight path, directly up the middle. BUT, there more Valkyrie you manage to free, the more of an advantage you will have in an upcoming boss battle. Once you finish with the Cells of Torment, you will reach a room with unhatched Naga eggs, as well as the Lady Serpentia. She is the mother of the Naga, and she does not like when people mess with her children. Those Valkyrie that you saved before? They will come and help you defeat the Lady Serpentina and the Naga Hatchlings. Once you manage to defeat Lady Serpentina, you will receive 20 Seals of Judgement. You will now advance to the third, and final section of the Twisted Prison, the Stairs of Judgement.

Stairs of Judgement

cerberus_punire.png cerberus_judicium.png cerberus_carcer.png

The Stairs of Judgement are the final section of Twisted Prisons. Here, you will climb up the stairs, defeating members of the Deathsoar Legion as you go. You may happen upon a few Treasure Rooms while climbing the Stairs of Judgement. Enter these rooms, and open the chests to yield some loot. Beware though, as you might just find a Mimic, a monster that looks exactly like a Treasure Chest! Once you climb the Stairs of Judgement, you end up in the Altar Room. Here, a giant, three-headed, monster dog will be awaiting your arrival. Yes, that is Cerberus. You must defeat each head, one by one. Each one of the heads has a different special attack, so beware. When you deplete the HP of all three Cerberus heads, you will have finished the Twisted Prison. The altar will open up, allowing you to take a piece of the Key of Order, in addition to 50 Seals of Judgement. Exit the Twisted Prison, and enjoy your spoils!

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