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When Found on Land...

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Melee Weapon Range Weapon

The Valkyrie are a race of beings that are non-aggressive and resemble angels. Their eternal mission is to battle the evil Frost Jotunns. Valkyries carry melee and ranged weapons, and all have Honed Metal on both their weapons and their armor. According to legend, Valkyries are immune to being honed.

Valkyries will often spawn fighting Frost Jotunns, and you will see the two forces in battle. Other times, Valkyries will spawn alone. If you happen to save a Valkyrie from a Frost Jotunn, you may be rewarded with a Valhallan Buff.

When Found in the Sky...


Valkyrie are also found in the Sky Realm and must be dealt with when on your Griffin or in your Airship. They can be found in flocks and will often board your Airship, if they do you will need to Fend off Boarders.

Each Valkyrie that is fast enough to board your Airship will reduce your Airship's attack speed by 5%. If you don't want to have your cannons firing slower than they normally fire, then you'll want to make sure that you fend off those Valkyries as soon as possible.

When Found inside Twisted Prison...

Valkyries are also found inside the dungeon called Twisted Prison, where they are held captive by the evil Deathsoars. Once shot down from the sky, the prison can be accessed and within it, the Cells of Torment are located. Inside each prison room there is a Valkyrie imprisoned and if you manage to free them before the Tormentor has her way with the Valkyrie, they will fight alongside you against the second Prison boss, Lady Serpentia.

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