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Nosferatu are capable of spreading their terrible curse to the denizens of PK by way of noxious bite. Those afflicted by the curse will have the following effects:

  • Dusk Trees and Mourning Trees impacts will be reversed
  • +15 Speed Boost on land only
  • Players now take half the damage from Mourning Trees then they originally took
  • Players will now have red eyes when it's Night in their area
  • When on the map in an area where it's Night, they receive +1/+1 vs Monsters
  • When on the map in an area where it's Day, they receive -1/-1 vs Monsters

Vampirism now lasts 72 hours. Fortunately for those players prone to vampirism a cure is available at any Troll Hut. Vampirism Cure: 1 Roc Egg and 10 Refined Oil

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