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Worker Golem


Within the Great Library, ancient texts were found that taught us how to harness the essence of previously unknown resource, Crude Oil. Using this knowledge, you can grow Golems at one of your Oil Wells. Then you decide what to do with them. Here, you have a couple options. You can put them to work harvesting resources for you at your Oil Well, Crystal Hut, or Research Lab. To do this, just tap the Golem and tell it what you want it to start harvesting. After a while golems will age and subsequently take longer to gather resources. This timer can be reset by destroying and making a new golem and set it to work or by Greasing it using Refined Oil. Idle Worker Golems outside of a building can be attacked by other players.

The other thing Golems are useful for is WAR. If you have a Siege Factory or Armory, you can tell your Golems to go their and prepare themselves for battle. To do this, make sure you have at least one idle Golem standing around and then tap the building you want to send them to. Each building will give you two choices of what type of unit to turn the Golem into. Make your choice and your Golem will walk to the building and be transformed into a weapon of destruction.


Siege Factory: