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The Workshop contains the workbench (shown above) which is used by those that wish to create specially infused weapons and armor, flag and house decorations, and many other items.

Workshops can only be built inside a Country Manor. To build one, enter your Country Manor, go upstairs and tap the last door on the right.

Resources Needed

FOR MOST WORKBENCH-CRAFTED ITEMS: (Primary exception to this is gear. Infusing metals, embedding gems, inscribing, removing inscriptions, and reforging.)

To start crafting, open your inventory. Select ONE of the materials that is used to make whatever you wish to create. In addition to the usual options, there is one additional selection on inventory items while you are in this room: Place Item on Bench. Do this. If you can craft, the "light" on the corner of the bench will change from red to green. (If you are on a split-screen device such as a tablet, you can check this indicator. If you're using a phone, you will have to close your Inventory first.)

If the "light" is green, you can tap the Workbench and select "Craft". You'll see a menu of all the items you can make with what you've placed on the table. If it isn't - you can try adding more materials to the Bench, but most likely, what you will want to do, is clear the bench and try just ONE other material that goes into the item instead.

Sometimes you can even place an item that isn't in the final crafted piece! Such as, for Floral Deco, you can put Carnivore Lily Petals on the Workbench, and it will show you a menu of ALL the Floral Deco options available. Even the ones that don't require any Carnivore Lily Petals at all!

A note about quantity: Whenever you place items on the Bench, it will place ALL of that item on the bench. Don't worry about this, unless you have some in your possession that you DON'T want to have used for crafting. If that's the case, you could drop it on the floor in your manor just before you begin, and then pick it up afterward. Wrapping it in a Gift Box may not be enough to keep it from being crafted.

If you want to craft faster - a Crafting Ring will help, as will regular leather Gloves. Either of these will still allow you to make pages for crafting, though you will get less and less pages as you craft more of the same type of item. This number resets for Crafter Class people once a week at reset; it never resets for anyone else. Crafting Gloves are the fastest way to craft, but as with any Platinum item, they do not count for pages, city coins, bricks, or hat scores.

List of items made in a Workshop: