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An Armory will allow you to transform your Golems into fierce military units. To use the Armory, grow a Golem at a nearby Oil Well. Then tap the Armory and choose "Make Axeman" or "Make Archer" depending on which unit you want. Your new Golem will walk over to the Armory and begin training. You can only train one golem at a time in each Armory.

Training Axemen and Archer Golems takes 24 hours in the Armory. You'll see the timer start as soon as the golem enters the building. When the timer goes to zero, you'll have to tap the Armory and choose to eject the finished golem. This is so your golems don't automatically come out and sit vulnerable on the map.

To build an Armory, go near your Oil Wells and have your character stand where you want to build the building. Select "Menu" >> "Create" >> "Build" >> "Armory"

Resources Needed: 3 Wood, 3 Stone, 50 Crude Oil

Building Hit Points: 20,000
Burn Time: 25 Hours