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Since Parallel Kingdom first started, there have been many special effects that have been created that can be a major benefit to you as both a hunter and when in player vs. player combat. The same effects that can help you tremendously can also possibly be your worst nightmare, too! In Parallel Kingdom, these effects are commonly referred to as the following:

  • Buffs - these usually come with a positive effect to the person who receives the Buff.
  • Debuffs - these usually come with a negative effect to the person who receives the Debuff.

Below, you can find links to organized charts that list every currently-available Buff and Debuff that you can find in different scenarios around the Parallel Kingdom world. Since there are so many Buffs and Debuffs that exist nowadays, we've split the charts up into some easy-to-read sections instead of having one massive list. If you'd like all Buffs and Debuffs on one page, view the Condensed Buffs and Debuffs page.

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