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You can plan your skills using this interactive Skill Planner.


Pages and Experience

In Parallel Kingdom, as you explore territory, vanquish foes and gather resources, you'll record your experiences in your Journal. This experience is recorded as Pages. You can see your current amount of Pages in the blue bar in the lower left corner of the display. The first number is your current progress and the second number is how many pages you'll need to Level Up and earn new skill points. Once you have enough Pages, the blue bar will say "Level Up!" Tap this message, and if you have enough Food to offer to the Monks, they will impart their highly coveted knowledge to you in the form of an additional Skill Point. Then, you'll find yourself on the Skills page where you can decide which new abilities you want.

Extra Skill Points

  • gem_dust.png 10 Additional Skill Points can be purchased from Monks for Gem Dust
    • 1st Point - 100 Gem Dust
    • 2nd Point - 200 Gem Dust
    • 3rd Point - 400 Gem Dust
    • 4th Point - 800 Gem Dust
    • 5th Point - 1,500 Gem Dust
    • 6th Point - 3,000 Gem Dust
    • 7th Point - 6,000 Gem Dust
    • 8th Point - 12,000 Gem Dust
    • 9th Point - 25,000 Gem Dust
    • 10th Point - 50,000 Gem Dust
  • assassin_token.png 5 Additional Skill Points can be purchased from Monks for Specialization Tokens
    • 1st Point - 200 Specialization Tokens of one type
    • 2nd Point - 400 Specialization Tokens of one type
    • 3rd Point - 600 Specialization Tokens of one type
    • 4th Point -800 Specialization Tokens of one type
    • 5th Point - 1000 Specialization Tokens of one type
  • aether_energy.png 6 Additional Skill Points can be purchased from Monks for a combination of Aether Energy, and Food
    • 1st Aether Skill Point - 500 Aether Energy, 250 Food
    • 2nd Aether Skill Point - 1250 Aether Energy, 350 Food
    • 3rd Aether Skill Point - 3125 Aether Energy, 450 Food
    • 4th Aether Skill Point - 7750 Aether Energy, 550 Food
    • 5th Aether Skill Point - 19375 Aether Energy, 650 Food
    • 6th Aether Skill Point - 48500 Aether Energy, 750 Food


You can access the Skills menu at any time by tapping "Menu" > "Skills" or just tap the blue Pages bar in the lower left corner of the display. The Skills menu will show you all the skills that you have learned so far. All skills (except for specialization classes) have 3 levels, and each level will cost 1 skill point each. For each skill point spent in the skill, it becomes more useful.

Once you have reached Level 10, Specialization Skill tracks will become available. You may only have one specialization skill path at a time. These specialization tracks allow you to optimize your character by achieving special bonuses related to the specialization track you choose.

Skill Tiers

This is a full representation of the different skill tiers. The Druid image is a placeholder, and is in place of whatever specialization you choose. You can click on the images of the different skills to jump right to their pages.

skill_archery.png skill_cleave.png skill_martial_arts.png skill_tactics.png

skill_scavenge.png skill_hunters_eye.png skill_blacksmithing.png skill_alchemy.png

skill_troodont_doctrine.png skill_leatherworking.png
skill_troll_lore.png skill_relentless_assault.png skill_ricochet.png
skill_warden_knowledge.png skill_serenity.png skill_mercantilism.png
skill_oiyoi_strike.png skill_shield_charge.png skill_metallurgy.png
skill_dragon_master.png skill_cartography.png skill_provoke.png
skill_aquarian_inscriptions.png skill_rally_cry.png skill_monster_bane.png
skill_monolith_drafting.png skill_taunt.png skill_triumph.png
skill_deathsoar_judgement.png skill_fatality.png skill_dungeoneering.png
skill_heroism.png skill_cleanse.png skill_focus.png
skill_bond.png skill_pierce_armor.png skill_plague.png

Reclaiming Skill Points

Each player can earn a maximum of 66 skill points. Choose your Skills carefully since you will not be able to learn them all. However, if you have already used all your Skill points and decide you want to study something different, all is not lost. You are able to reset all of your skill points for a cost of 500 Food (This cost is halved to 250 food for Platinum Members). If you're lucky enough to possess a Skill Reset Scroll, then you can reset your skills points for free!

Note: You cannot reset individual skill points.

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