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As you explore, you'll encounter a few different Caves such as Stone Caves, Iron Caves, and Sulfur Deposits. You can mine these once every 6 hours to get some resources.

For 2 Wood, you can take control of Caves if you want. This will allow you to set a mining toll, so that you earn gold every time someone harvests a resource from that mine. To accomplish this, tap the Cave and choose Take Control.

How much you charge for mining, or if you even allow your caves to be mined by others at all, can be set by opening your Inventory; the settings are in your Passage Book.

When you first claim a mine, it will be set to "Normal" passage. That means that only people you have granted passage to will be able to use it for travel. If the mine is somewhere secure, like your kingdom, this is probably a good idea. If it is in unclaimed territory and you have gotten there using Troodont Doctrine skill, you might want to change it to "Public" passage, so that other travellers and explorers who are not enemies of yours will be able to use it to travel through, and will be able to mine it more easily, perhaps generating income for you.

A mine that is set to "normal" passage cannot be traveled to by anyone who does not have your passage, but if someone can get to it some other way, such as a flag or a troll hut, and you have mining by others allowed, anyone can mine from it, even enemies. Whatever price you have set for mining will apply.

A mine set to "private" cannot be traveled to or mined by anyone except yourself. Not your friends, kd members - not anyone. They will not generate you any income whenever you are not mining them every six hours, and if anyone else gets to them, they may be likely to get burned and taken over.

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