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City Experience


City Membership

To join a city you have to construct a City House on city territory. A City House costs 2 Wood and 1000 Gold to construct.

Your New Oil Claim

oil_well_extra_large.png One of the first things to do when you join a city is to find an unclaimed or abandoned Oil Well. Once you find one, claim it for a few Wood.

Now you'll want to use your oil well to create some Golems. Just tap it, and select "Grow Golem." You'll see a fresh-faced Golem on the map with nothing to do. Tap the Golem and select "Gather Crude Oil."

The Golem will follow your instructions to the letter (they're so good at that) and immediately go into the Well to start collecting Crude Oil. When it gets there, you'll see a counter begin. Each time the counter reaches 0, you will have 1 more unit of Crude Oil waiting for you at the Well. After you have a couple units waiting for you, feel free to tap the Oil Well and select "Collect Resources." Then your character will walk over to the Well and collect the Crude Oil into your inventory.

Oil Wells and Crystal Huts have a limited capacity so you'll want to visit these buildings and collect your resources every once in a while, otherwise those lazy Golems will just sit there and slack off. You can also upgrade the storage capacity of each building by tapping the building and selecting "Upgrade Resource Capacity." This costs Crystal though and you probably don't have any of that yet...


crystal_patch.png Let's get some. First you'll need to find a nearby Crystal Patch. When you find one that suits you, build a Crystal Hut near it. This where your Golems are stationed to gather the Crystal. Once your Hut is built, go back to your Oil Well and Grow a new Golem. Now tap your Golem and tell it to "Gather Crystal." Easy as that. You can have up to 3 Golems working at each Crystal Hut.

But you want another Hut so you can gather even more crystal? Well that's advanced technology my friend...

City Coins

Earning pages or harvesting Crude Oil or Crystal on any city flag will earn City Coins for that city. City Coins are used by the city Mayor to upgrade city flags into City Towers, upgrading City Towers and to build new city structures (Oil Refinery, Trade Post, City Sewer, Market, Barbershop, Proving Grounds, Tavern, Troll Embassy).


The city Mayor is chosen at the end of each hat race week. The position is awarded to the player who earned the most city coins in that week, a message is sent out informing the player that they are eligible to be Mayor. To become mayor click the message and click accept or visit the city center and click accept from there. Only the city Mayor can build city buildings or upgrade city flags or towers

You can read our guide on Being a City Mayor if you aren't sure what to do, or if you're just looking for additional info or tips and tricks on being a City Mayor!

Only the Mayor can build city structures (Oil Refinery, Trade Post, City Sewer, Market, Barbershop, Proving Grounds, Tavern, Troll Embassy)


research_points.png Research allows you to gain more abilities and power within cities. To do research, just build a Research Lab somewhere near your oil well, grow a golem or two, and tell them to "Research Tech." Then your Golem will go to the Research Lab and begin accumulating Research Points. These points are used to unlock improved technological abilities such as: garrison_post_limit.png Increase the max number of Garrison Posts you can build crystal_hut_limit.png Increase the number of Crystal Huts you can build golem_limit.png Increase the number of Golems you can control

Once you have accumulated enough research points, tap your Research Lab and select "Buy Research." As long as you have the needed resources, you'll be able to unlock the next level.

Research Labs will only accumulate Research Points up to the max amount that you’ll ever need for all researches combined. Once this max is reached, no more Research Points will accumulate.


Some players set a Gold price per unit on their Crystal Huts and Oil Wells. This allows you to crystal and crude oil directly from those buildings. To find out, tap the building and if you see Co-Harvesting as an option, check out the price. If you like it, go ahead and buy those resources.


Raiding is the preferred method to get ahead for some. Let the other guys do all the work and you just take a slice off the top. Well, it's not quite that easy.

You can Raid any Crystal Hut and Oil Well in your city. All you have to do is tap the building and select "Raid." Then you will walk up to the building and beginning stealing the resources contained within. Only thing is, it takes a full minute to raid a building and if your Raid is interrupted by anything, you will not succeed. You can only Raid a building once per day and it doesn't matter if you succeed or fail.

With this in mind, if you want to ensure success and a fine load of raided booty, you should clear out all nearby Golems and enemy players. This means Garrison Posts too.

Garrison Posts

Garrison Posts are defensive structures that are built to hold Golems which then defend your nearby buildings from attackers and raiders. Once built, you can tell your military golems to "Garrison." Then they'll go inside and automatically come out if they perceive a threat. Garrison Posts start out with the capacity to hold 1 Golem but can be easily upgraded to hold 3.

The main benefit of having a Garrison Post is that when your Golems are stationed inside, they will automatically respawn if they are killed in battle. It takes 20 mins for them to come back but at least they won't be gone forever.

Greasing Golems

As Golems get older, they'll take longer and longer to collect resources for you, up to 12 minutes max. If you find you that you are in dire need of resources fast, you can tap one of your Golems and select "Grease." This costs 10 Refined Oil, and it will renew your Golem to be just as quick as the day you raised it from that sinister black ooze.

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