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Food is a valuable and very useful resource to have in Parallel Kingdom. Food can be used for many different things.

Uses For Food

These are only a few of the many uses that food has to offer to Parallel Kingdom players.

Beginners should spend their starter Food on Leveling Up their characters to gain Skills. Players can Level Up with Food each time their blue experience bar fills with Pages.
To use food to level up, simply tap the blue bar which reads 'Level Up'.

Every player starts out with 200 Food. There are several ways to get more:

  • Hunting and killing monsters has a small chance of rewarding a new player with 5 food, up to maximum of 400 extra food
  • One way to get Food is to sell items in a Trade Post. See the #Selling Items For Food section below
  • Another way is to buy it for cash. Go to "Menu" >> "Get Food" and buy some through your iTunes Account (Apple Device Only), Google Checkout, or PayPal.
  • A third way is to Fan Parallel Kingdom on Facebook for 100 free Food.
  • You can earn food by completing free or paid offers using TapJoy (Menu >> Food >> Earn Food)
  • You can also invite a friend to start playing Parallel Kingdom. If your friend enters your Referral Code in during their tutorial, you will get 40 free Food for each level they gain (up to 400 Food per referral).

Selling Items For Food

Common resources like Wood, Leather and Stone are good to sell for food. Visit your local Trade Hub from your estates. You can view the Average Trade Prices page by selecting the "View Average Prices" button on any Trade Post to get an idea of what price you should sell your items for. Once you are ready to sell an item select "Sell" option on the Trade Post. Then select the "Sell for Food" option on the Item you want to sell.

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