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Getting Started


Creating a New Account

If this is the first time you have ever played Parallel Kingdom, start the app and hit Make New Account. Enter your character's name and gender, password, and email address. You will also have to enter your age and choose if you want to have txt msg notifications sent to your phone. These notifications let you know when things are happening even when you are not playing Parallel Kingdom. If you don't choose text message notifications, you can go use the "Settings" button in the game to change your notification settings later.


Here are the basic controls to the game. Read through them or skip down to the Your First Fight section below.

  • Moving: Double Tap anywhere on the screen to make your virtual self go there (more about movement in Traveling and Getting Around)
  • Attacking: Tap on any monster you see, and select Attack from the menu, the rest of the fight is almost fully automated (just watch your HP!)
  • Picking up items: Tap any items you see and select "Pick Up" from the menu.
  • Communicating: You can chat with other players via Map Chat or Global Chat (more on communication in the Playing With Others Section of the guide)

Menu Explanation

Many of the actions in Parallel Kingdom are accessed through the menu. Here are all the menu options.

If you press the button to open up your menu, you'll find 9 different buttons:

From top-left:

  • Items: Here you can view your item list and equip different weapons and armours.
  • Messages: Here you can view either the Social Feed or the classic mailbox, including Personal, Kingdom, City, and Updates.
  • Create: Here you can either Build structures like flags and buoys or craft things that require different skills, like alchemy or leatherworking.
  • Skills: Here you can view the skills and specializations that you have skill points in
  • Character: Here you can view your profile page.
  • Players: Here you can view the list of players and check hat scores.
  • Travel: Here you can bring up your estate list and travel to lots of different places.
  • Chat: Here you can find a list of all the different chatrooms.
  • Food: Here you can view all of the options on getting food.

Your First Fight

Try tapping on items, monsters, and buildings around you for different actions you can do. Once you've explored around, try killing your first monster. Select a monster and select the Attack option. Your character should move towards the monster and start attacking it. A green circle in the top left of your character icon turns red to indicate you are aggressive. Keep an eye on your health in the lower right corner of the screen. Once you health drops below 50/100, move away (double tap) from the monster. If you have a Mourning Tree nearby, move towards it to start healing. Once you are healed again try fighting the monster again until one of you dies.


If you won the fight, good job! You have defeated your first monster. You have probably noticed yellow "+X gold" bubbles over you character. As you probably guessed, that is the amount of gold that you got for killing the monster. There might also be an Item on the ground next to the where the monster was. Another thing you should notice is that the green circle that I mentioned earlier is still red from the fight. Don't worry, this will change soon, but while in this Aggressive state, your character is not allowed to do certain tasks like teleporting, planting, or building. You will be notified of this state if you try. Your health is probably lowered too, so you might want to heal up using a Mourning Tree or a Berry if you have one.


If you died, don't worry. You will re-spawn in about 15 seconds with full health. When you are first starting out, you will not lose anything for dying because you have beginner protection.

Beginner protection is removed permanently once you reach level 3 or your Effective Level reaches 4. Without beginner protection, upon death you'll lose:

  • 3% of Pages Bar
  • Drop a backpack and all the items that you can't hold without it.
  • If you died to another player, you'll lose 5 max HP. You get back 1 max HP every hour.

Other Things to Do

Oh wow, gold, items, monster killing!!! What else do you need? Well nothing, but we still offer so much more. With items that you collect from monsters and other sources, you can build buildings, place flags, or craft useful concoctions.

In Game Help

In addition to reading the rest of the guide sections, there is also in-game help. You can access this as you go simply by selecting any item, monster or building and choosing the "Info" button.

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