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There are a few ways to earn gold, depending on your play style.

  • The simplest and most common way is by slaughtering every monster you see! Each kill giving you a certain amount of gold based on the type of monster and your damage done to it.
  • A common choice for players is to collect resources such as Wood then post it at a Trade Hub or Trade Post for another player to buy. Simply post your item(s) for an amount of gold that you decide. If someone buys the item(s), you are given the amount of gold you posted it for.
  • Another way to get gold is to dump items/resources. Before dumping an item be sure to check the Average Prices , because items could have a higher value to players than the dump value of that item. Gold dump for weapons depends on how much useful life it has left and if it's been upgraded or not.

Group Reward Bonus

When working in a group Gold is shared amongst everyone participating in killing a monster. You get even more gold for killing things in a group!

  • A group of 2 player earns 150% (50% more than normal)
  • A group of 3 player earns 195% (195% more than normal)
  • A group of 4 player earns 235% (135% more than normal)
  • A group of 5 player earns 270% (170% more than normal)
  • A group of 6 or player earns 300% (200% more than normal)

What Can I Spend Gold On?

There are a number of ways to spend Gold in Parallel Kingdom. You can spend Gold to upgrade your weapons/armor, to purchase Roc Feathers from Trolls, and to heal at a Troll Hut. Also, you can buy just about anything you want at a Trade Post if you have enough Gold.

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