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How to Create a Kingdom

Anyone who is not a member of a kingdom can build a Castle, as long as they are level 4 or greater.

  • Resources Required: 1000 Refined Oil, 500 Wood, 500 Stone, and 500 Iron.
  • Castles cannot be built within 2km of any other Kingdom Building
    • Kingdom Buildings (Flags are buildings), excluding War Towers and War Outposts, cannot be built within 2km of any other Kingdom’s Buildings unless it is an Ally
  • Once you've built a Castle, there is an action on it to "Create Kingdom" which then asks you to name your Kingdom.
    • A Kingdom can have spaces in its name.
    • A Kingdom can not have the same name as a player or another Kingdom.

How to Destroy a Kingdom

If a Kingdom’s Castle is destroyed:

  • All Kingdom buildings are wiped out and the Kingdom is destroyed.
  • Any items lying on the ground in the Castle will appear on the ground. This does NOT include anything in any of the Kingdom Stores.

See Burn Time for the time it takes to repair and burn structures.

How to Join a Kingdom

First, find the Kingdom's page (like a Player Profile) or tap the Kingdom's Castle.

  • All Kingdoms are listed in the "Players" menu.
  • You can also find a Kingdom page by visiting the profile of any Member and clicking the Kingdom's name.

From the Kingdom Page you can "Join Kingdom" through the red Actions arrow.

  • This sends a request to the Kingdom’s Ruler, or any other member with the proper Permission, to join the Kingdom.
  • The Kingdom will have a message in their Inbox that they can use to accept your request to join.

Kingdom Structures

Kingdom Flags, Towers, Obelisks

Just like players in Parallel Kingdom, Kingdoms own flags.

  • Kingdoms are limited in the number of flags, towers, and obelisks they can control. The max total of these is dependent on the number of active players in the kingdom.
  • Each active player can support 40 of these buildings total.
    • To be active, the player has to have logged in within the last 7 days.
  • If the Kingdom's building capacity drops below the number of active members the extra flags are NOT destroyed, but no new flags can be built.
  • To make a kingdom flag, a Kingdom Member needs to build their own flag first, harden it, and then upgrade it to a Kingdom Flag.
  • Only flags that are close to the Kingdom's Castle or existing Kingdom Flags can become Kingdom Flags (needs to be within about 1 flag distance). This is intended to keep Kingdom territory somewhat compact and more easily defended.
  • Hardened Flags cost 200 Bricks to upgrade to a Kingdom Flag.

Kingdom Towers and Obelisks

  • Kingdom Flags can then be upgraded to Kingdom Towers or Kingdom Obelisks.
  • Kingdom Towers provide defense for the Kingdom land and its members.
  • Kingdom Obelisks to provide a Brick bonus for more efficient brick production within a visible circle radius (to the dotted line - 600 meters). This effect can be extended with the "Built to the Sky" Kingdom Perk. (1000 meters)
  • Note that a Kingdom Tower cannot be converted to an Obelisk, and an Obelisk cannot be converted to a Kingdom Tower. The only way to change from one to the other is to downgrade the structure, (you will receive 50% of the materials back) and upgrade it again from a Kingdom Flag.

Other Kingdom Buildings

Kingdom Rankings

Kingdoms will be ranked on 6 categories.

1. Kingdom Influence Ranking

This measures each Kingdom’s influence based on their current Kingdom Score and is viewable on the Kingdom’s profile.

  • This is not a rolling score (does not reset each week).

The influence score is a sum of all the buildings owned by a Kingdom and their related point values. Influence score is calculated as follows:

  • Kingdom Flags are worth 2 points each.
  • Kingdom Towers are worth:
    • Level 1 = 10 pts
    • Level 2 = 15 pts
    • Level 3 = 20 pts
    • Level 4 = 25 pts
    • Level 5 = 30 pts
  • Kingdom Obelisks are worth:
    • Level 1 = 30 pts
    • Level 2 = 40 pts
    • Level 3 = 50 pts
    • Level 4 = 60 pts
    • Level 5 = 70 pts

The Kingdom with the highest Influence score at the end of the week will receive a special crown embellishment on their Kingdom Emblem (viewable on the profile). This disappears if another Kingdom wins the Influence ranking at the end of the week.

The Ruler of that Kingdom will receive a Trophy hat. Trophy hats will not disappear, but they will get a tarnished look (similar to other trophy hats) when a different Kingdom wins the weekly Influence ranking.

2. Kingdom Conquest Ranking

This is a score of how much Kingdom vs. Kingdom destruction is done by each Kingdom.

  • This IS a rolling score (resets each week like other Hat Rankings)

The weekly Conquest score is calculated as follows:

  • Kingdom Flags destroyed are worth 2 points each
  • Kingdom Obelisks destroyed are worth:
    • Level 1 = 10 pts
    • Level 2 = 15 pts
    • Level 3 = 20 pts
    • Level 4 = 25 pts
    • Level 5 = 30 pts
  • Kingdom Towers destroyed are worth:
    • Level 1 = 30 pts
    • Level 2 = 40 pts
    • Level 3 = 50 pts
    • Level 4 = 60 pts
    • Level 5 = 70 pts
  • Destroying a Castle is not worth any Conquest points

The Kingdom with the highest Conquest score at the end of the week will receive a special crown embellishment on their Kingdom Emblem (viewable on the profile). This embellishment will disappear if another Kingdom wins the Conquest ranking at the end of the week.

The Ruler of that Kingdom will receive a Trophy hat. Trophy hats will not disappear but they will get a tarnished look (similar to other trophy hats) when a different Kingdom wins the weekly Conquest ranking.

3. Kingdom Dark Monolith Event Ranking

A Dark Monolith is a structure that randomly spawns that kingdoms can fight over to earn bricks. The kingdom that destroys the most dark monoliths each week receives the Monolithic Hat.

4. Kingdom Crystal Ranking

The kingdom that collects the most crystal (the sum of the crystal harvested/raided by the kingdom's members) will receive the Chrystalis Hat.

5. Kingdom Sky Influence Ranking

Sky Lord's Crown is the Hat given to the Kingdom that has the most Sky Influence every week.

6. Kingdom Sky Conquest Ranking

Sky Admiral's Hat is the Hat given to the Kingdom that has the most Sky Conquest every week.


Bricks are a resource used specifically for Kingdoms

  • Bricks are not be freely tradeable
  • Bricks are earned when players on kingdom land do the following:
    • Hunting monsters
    • Planting trees
    • Chopping trees
    • Tending trees
    • Mining resources
  • Amount of Brick earned correlates with the amount of experience earned. This means low levels players earn just as much brick as high level players.
  • Brick can also be earned once per 22 hours by Kingdom Members by visiting the Castle and buying them for Food.
  • Brick earned by Kingdom members will go directly into their inventory. Brick earned by non-Kingdom members goes into the Kingdom’s Store.
  • If a player leaves or gets kicked from their current Kingdom, all Bricks in their inventory are returned to the Kingdom Store.
  • Kingdom members receive a +1X production bonus when on their Kingdom land
  • Earning Bricks near Kingdom Obelisks gives a productivity boost, depending on the level of the Obelisk.

Managing Kingdom Resources

When a castle is first built it has the brick furnace inside. When a Kingdom Warehouse is built this store is available in that building. In addition the following stored can be found.

Brick Store

Inside of each Castle/Warehouse is a Brick Store

  • All Bricks earned on Kingdom land by non-Kingdom members go directly into the this store
  • Any Kingdom member can go into the CastleCastle/Warehouse and contribute Bricks from their inventory directly to the store
  • At any time, the King can levy a 10% Brick Tax. This will transfer 10% of all bricks from all members inventories and add all those bricks to the Kingdom store. There is no limit to how often this can be done. This is done by the King tapping the Brick Store in the Castle.
  • The King and any member with the Masonry permission can transfer Bricks from the Kingdom store to any player at any time.

The Brick Store is also where you access the Brick Furnace.

  • Every Castle/Warehouse has a brick furnace which allows members to buy bricks once per day for Food
  • The King can upgrade the Brick Furnace to produce more Bricks. Here are the production levels:
    • Level 1 (Cost 1,000 refined oil): 5 Food = 400 Bricks
    • Level 2 (Cost: 2,000 Refined Oil): 9 Food = 800 Bricks
    • Level 3 (Cost: 3,000 Refined Oil): 12 Food = 1200 bricks

Crystal Store

The Crystal store can only be found in a Kingdom Warehouse. Any kingdom member can tap the Crystal store and choose to contribute to it.

  • Unlike Bricks, there is no way for the King to tax Crystal from the members.
  • Crystal from the store can be withdrawn by the King and Kingdom members with the Crystalogist permission.

Gold Store

This is where all the gold goes from Kingdoms that grant passage on their flags.

  • Players cannot add Gold to the store directly, only through passage.
  • The King and kingdom members with the Treasury permission can take out and distribute Gold from the Store.

NOTE: Gold cannot be taken out from a kingdom that does not have a Kingdom Warehouse.

Refined Oil Store

Kingdom members can contribute Refined Oil directly to the store. It cannot be removed. Kingdom oil can be used to change the kingdom's flag colour, name, symbol or symbol background. Kingdom oil can be used to enter dungeons if the kingdom member has the oiler kingdom permission allowed.

Kingdom Permissions

To get some help from the Kingdom members and effectively delegate tasks, the King can give certain members specific permissions within the Kingdom.

  • All of the following permissions can be either “Denied,” “Allowed,” or “Grant” for each member.
  • Default permissions are initially set to "Denied" for new kingdoms; this can be changed by the King/Queen
  • “Allowed” grants the member the permission
  • “Grant” gives the member the ability to give or deny other members the permission (However players “Grant” cannot affect other players with “Grant” permissions)
  • No one has the ability to change the King/Queen’s permissions

Full List of all Kingdom Permissions

  • Architecture - Can name kingdom structures
  • Commanding - Can declare war or peace with other players on behalf of the kingdom
  • Constructing - Can build and upgrade kingdom structures
  • Crystalogist - Can take crystal from the kingdom store
  • Decorating - Can change decorations inside the castle
  • Demolition - Can destroy kingdom structures
  • Diplomat - Allows kingdom to kingdom relationship management (ally, enemy, war, peace, etc.)
  • Dubbing - Can set people’s kingdom titles
  • Expelling - Can kick people out
  • Heraldry - Can change the kingdom status
  • Initiating - Can accept new members
  • Masonry - Can give bricks from the kingdom store
  • Messaging - Can create new topics in the kingdom message folder
  • Moderating - Can delete topics and comments from kingdom message threads
  • Oiler - Can use kingdom oil
  • Repairing - Can repair kingdom structures
  • Storekeeper - Can pick up items from the kingdom warehouse
  • Surveying - Can adjust writ of passage terms
  • Treasury - Can take gold from kingdom coffers

Kingdom Titles

The King and any Kingdom Member with the Dubbing permission have the ability to give each member of the Kingdom a custom title. Titles can be used to give ranks to Kingdom members or just give everyone a funny name. Use them however you want.

Kingdom Succession

Natural Succession

  • The Kingdom Ruler can name a Successor
  • As long as a Successor is named, the Ruler can step down from the position and the Successor becomes the Ruler
  • If at anytime the Ruler goes inactive:
    • If there is a Successor, the Successor gets the option to Claim the Throne
    • If there isn't a Successor, any Kingdom Member can start Anarchy

Forced Succession

  • All Kingdom Members are in one of two different states (Loyal or Rebel)
  • Members start as Loyal
  • If a member dislikes the current Ruler, they can Rebel
    • If the Rebel Percentage (Number of Rebels / Number of Active Members) goes above 50%, any Kingdom Member can start Anarchy by tapping the Throne and selecting the option
    • If a Kingdom Member attacks and kills the current Ruler, the Rebel Percentage is boosted by 10%
    • This is called the Rebel Boost and it maxes out at 20% (Two Times)
    • Each 10% falls off after 3 days
    • When the Rebel % is above 50%, the King loses the power to kick members out of the Kingdom
    • Anarchy lasts 3 days
  • During Anarchy, all Kingdom Members can vote for a new Ruler
    • Vote by going to a kingdom member's profile and choosing the option.
    • The player with the highest percentage of votes wins and becomes the next Ruler
    • The vote can end early if all of the Kingdom Members vote or a single person gets over 50% of the possible vote.
    • In the event of a tie, the oldest vote for either of the tied players determines who wins (Vote Quickly!)
  • During Anarchy, privileges/permissions are removed from all Members.

Kingdom War

  • Kingdoms can build and upgrade a War Table that allows for War Outposts and War Towers to be built.
  • Individual players can be at war with a Kingdom (by either attacking a Kingdom building or someone in the Kingdom declaring them an enemy)
  • When someone is at war with a Kingdom, the Kingdom buildings will attack that player.
  • Kingdoms can declare war with another Kingdom. This makes Kingdom buildings hostile to all members of the enemy Kingdom.
  • If a Kingdom member is at war with another Kingdom and the player dies to a member of that other Kingdom or the Kingdom’s structures, the player loses 10% of the Bricks in their inventory and the Kingdom store loses 100 Bricks (1,000 Bricks if it is the King that is killed).

Kingdom Surrender

Kingdoms have the option to offer a peace request to another Kingdom, just like players. If a Kingdom has been beaten in battle and needs time to recover, they can also offer a surrender to the attacking Kingdom.

The attacking Kingdom can refuse to accept the peace request or surrender if they wish.

If a surrender is accepted:

  • The attacking Kingdom gets 15% of the Bricks from the surrendering Kingdom store and all the members
  • The surrendering Kingdom loses an additional 15% of Bricks from the Kingdom store and all members. Total loss = 30%.
  • All members of each Kingdom are put at “neutral” with the opposing Kingdom.
  • Members from either side cannot go back to “Enemy” status for at least 1 week.

Kingdom Alliance

A kingdom can make another kingdom an ally, this will add that kingdom to the alliance list on the profile page. Being a kingdom ally means that you will receive messages whenever your ally declares war/peace or adds another ally.

Kingdom Emblem

Each kingdom has a personal emblem containing a background color and one of 15 symbols. This emblem appears on the castle, as well as all flags, obelisks, and towers. A picture of each on a kingdom flag (in purple) can be found under Kingdom Emblems.

Kingdom Levels and Perks

Kingdom Perks offer many benefits to a kingdom, whether you want to enhance your brick production, profit, defense, or capacity for war.

Kingdom Levels and Perks will tell you how to level up your Kingdom using Kingdom Pages, so that you will be able to purchase these Perks.

Once your Kingdom has a level 6 Perk, be sure to stop at your Kingdom Archive every 24 hours and "Collect Member Bonus" to take advantage of it!

Castle Destruction

  • When a Castle is destroyed, the Kingdom is not destroyed
    • Peace is forced between the Kingdoms
  • When a Castle is destroyed, the Kingdom loses the following:
    • The Castle is turned to rubble and loses most Actions
    • Furnace and War Table Upgrades are lost
    • All other Kingdom Buildings are Destroyed
      • War Outposts are lost but no Surrender or Kingdom Brick loss happens because of their Destruction
      • Floating Islands (new Air building) are returned to an Unclaimed state
    • All Kingdom Perks are lost
    • Bonuses from Mounted Heads are lost until the Heads are re-equipped in a new Castle
    • You are unable to build any new Kingdom Buildings (Flags are buildings)
  • When a Castle is destroyed, you maintain a number of Kingdom features
    • Kingdom Chat and Messages remain and are valid
    • Kingdom Badges are saved
    • Kingdom Mounted Heads are saved
    • Kingdom Level and Pages are saved
    • The Kingdom Airships are saved, but unable to launch until a new Skydock is built
  • Kingdom Ark Protection
    • If a Kingdom has a Kingdom Ark:
      • Its stores of Refined Oil, Kingdom Bricks, Crystal, and Gold are saved
      • The Crystal and Bricks protected are added to the Kingdom Stores
      • The Crude Oil and Construct Essence (a new Sky Resource) it protects is sent as a Gift Box to the Ruler
      • The Kingdom Ark is Destroyed
    • If a Kingdom does not have a Kingdom Ark:
      • All stored Refined Oil, Kingdom Bricks, Crystal, and Gold are lost
  • Rebuilding
    • The Ruler may disband the Kingdom if desired and completely remove all the saved parts of the Kingdom
    • After one week, anyone may disband the Kingdom
    • The Ruler may also rebuild the Castle or build a new one somewhere else for normal Castle costs to gain back all of the saved parts of the Kingdom