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Log Cabin


This will be the first home you build in Parallel Kingdom. Once you build a Log Cabin, you will be able to go to "Menu" and then "Estates" and you'll see a small picture of your Log Cabin. By tapping this, you'll have the option to visit your Log Cabin. This means once you build it, you can go back to it anytime you want (as long as you have enough Roc Feathers).

You can only build one Log Cabin, so if you ever want to move it, you'll have to destroy your current one first and build a new one somewhere else.

To build a Log Cabin, go to "Menu" >> "Create" >> "Build" >> "Log Cabin"

Once your Log Cabin is built, you'll be able to select and upgrade it into a Country Manor for 100 Wood. You can enter a Country Manor and store items inside it; you cannot enter a Log Cabin.

(You can only do damage to a specific building once every 24 hours directly, with either a dragon pet or by attacking it. You must enemy the building's owner to damage it, except if you are using dragon tail swing.)

Resources Needed: 2 Wood

Building Hit Points: 1000
Burn Time: 100 Hours

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