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A material with various uses through the game. This metal can be purchased from players and Trade Posts and is given to Platinum Members.


How to Get

  • When a player subscribes to platinum for the first time, they automatically receive 100 platinum.
  • Any player who is subscribed to platinum receives 10 platinum each day.
  • Platinum is also tradeable through Trade Posts and Trade Hubs.



Platinum can be used to create a number of equipable items;

Only Platinum Members have the ability to craft these items, however, anyone can use them.


  • Anyone can inscribe (Plat membership not required)
  • Any weapon or armor (including shields) can be inscribed if it has been upgraded to +20 or higher
  • Cost to inscribe (or change inscription) is 100 Platinum
  • Re-inscribing will change only the name of the item, and name of the inscriber. Stats will not be changed
  • There is no limit to the number of times an item can be re-inscribed
  • Inscription name must be unique - cannot be in use by another item
  • Inscribed stats can be viewed when the item is:

Trading Inscribed Items
When posted for sale (in a Trade Post/Hub or on the mat in a Trade Tent) the actual information about the item will be displayed, along with "(Inscribed)", and an option to view the stats.

WARNING! An inscribed item on the ground displays the NAME of the item, NOT THE ACTUAL INFORMATION. Drop trading is not recommended!

How To Inscribe
To inscribe an item, enter your workshop (inside of your Country Manor) and select the item from your inventory.

Removing Inscriptions
To remove an inscription, follow the same instructions.

WARNING! There is no cost to remove an inscription, however, you will not be asked to confirm that you want to do this!
So be careful not to choose this option if you don't want to do it!

Inscribed stats work differently for weapons than for armor.

For Weapons:

  • The Inscribed weapon receives a name, which the inscriber chooses.
  • The Inscribed weapon records the following stats:
    • Inscriber's Name
    • Total Damage Dealt
    • Average Damage Dealt
    • Monsters Killed on Land
    • Monsters Killed on Water
    • Players Killed
    • Equal Level Players Killed
    • Debuffs Applied
    • Gold Earned
    • Times Broken
  • When a player is killed by an inscribed weapon, they receive the message "You have been killed by <Name of wielder>'s <Name of Inscribed Weapon>"

For Armor:

  • The Inscribed armor receives a name, which the inscriber chooses.
  • The Inscribed armor records the following stats:
    • Inscriber's Name
    • Total Damage Taken
    • Average Damage Taken
    • Highest Damage Taken
    • Times Damage Reduced to 1
    • Deaths from Monsters
    • Deaths from Players
    • Debuffs Applied
    • Pages Earned
    • Times Broken


Using Platinum, the metal and/or gem embedded within a piece of equipment may be changed.

  • Note, you can change ONLY the Metal, ONLY the Gem, or BOTH the Metal and the Gem when Reforging.
  • For the cost of 200 Platinum the metal of a piece of equipment may be changed.
  • For the cost of 100 Platinum, the gem of a piece of equipment may be changed.
  • For the cost of 200 Platinum, both the metal AND the gem of a piece of equipment may be changed.

In order to reforge an item, enter the workshop in your Country Manor, place ONLY the metal and/or gem to be replaced on the bench, then select the reforge option on the item to be reforged within your inventory.
Anyone with the required amount of platinum has the ability to reforge items, and items can be reforged any number of times.

  • When you forge a new Metal onto a Weapon or Armor, you will receive TWO (2) of the previous Metal back into your Inventory. Below is an example:
    • You want to Reforge Fire Metal onto a Poison Dagger. You'll put the Fire Metal onto the Workshop table, open your Inventory, select the Weapon/Armor you wish to put the Fire Metal onto, and select the Reforge option. Your Weapon/Armor will then be changed to the new Metal, and 2 of the previous Metal will be credited to your Inventory (in this case, you'd get 2 Poison Metal back).

Quick Slots

Platinum is used to unlock the additional 7 Quick Slots on the sidebars. This is done at a cost of 100 Platinum per Quick Slot

Platinum Chat

Platinum Members also receive a private chat channel only accessible to Platinum Members. Platinum Chat

Additional Benefits

Platinum Members get a handful of additional bonuses, all of which are very powerful. Click here for a full list of Platinum Member benefits.

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