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Playing With Others

Parallel Kingdom offers several ways to interact socially with other players around the world.



The Rules of Chat should be kept in mind at all times
The chatrooms are accessed through the main "Menu" and then "Chat." You'll see a list of 21 different chatrooms that you can participate in. You'll also notice that a few have check marks by them. These checkmarks mean you are subscribed to that chatroom, so you'll see every chat from these rooms in the white box at the very top of the game. The color of the chat will tell you which chatroom the message came from. If you want to enter one of these chatrooms from the "Chat" menu, just tap it.

  • chat_room_platinum.png Platinum Chat - A chatroom just for Platinum Subscription Members.
  • chat_room_global.png Global Chat - A basic chatroom that is available globally. This is used for socializing and trading tips.
  • chat_room_map.png Map Chat - Allows you to chat with other people in the same map grid as you, so it is mostly used while in a group with others.
  • chat_room_help.png Help Chat - If you have any questions about something in the game, ask here. Helpful players and occasionally the developers will try to answers your questions.
  • chat_room_hunting.png Hunting Chat - This room is for players that are looking to form a group to hunt together.
  • chat_room_social.png Social Chat - This chatroom is just a place to hange out with random people throughout the world, and talk about non-PK related things.
  • chat_room_strategy.png Strategy Chat - This chatroom is to talk about PK startegy.
  • chat_room_trade.png Trading Chat - If you want to post something that you have for sale, this is the place.
  • chat_room_city.png City Chat - After you join a city, this chatroom will allow you to talk with all the other members of that city.
  • chat_room_kingdom.png Kingdom Chat - After you join a Kingdom, this chatroom will allow you to talk with all the other members of that Kingdom.
  • chat_room_over_18.png Over 18 Chat - This chatroom allows some more mature conversations that may be offensive to some. Racism and hatespeech is still strictly prohibited
  • chat_room_chinese.png Chinese Chat - Speak Chinese here.
  • chat_room_french.png French Chat - Speak French here.
  • chat_room_german.png German Chat - Speak German here.
  • chat_room_italian.png Italian Chat - Speak Itatlian here.
  • chat_room_japanese.png Japanese Chat - Speak Japanese here.
  • chat_room_polish.png Polish Chat - Speak Polish here.
  • chat_room_russian.png Russian Chat - Speak Russian here.
  • chat_room_spanish.png Spanish Chat - Speak Spanish here.
  • chat_room_croatian.png Croatian Chat - Speak Croatian here.
  • chat_room_tier.png Valhallan Tier Chat - This chatroom allows players to establish duels with players of similar ranks.


Often times, you'll want to send a Private Message to another player. PMs are very useful. Many players prefer that you send a short PM before requesting passage on their land. In fact, a short introductory PM is almost always a good idea if you are going to be playing near someone else.

Here are the several ways you can send a Private Message to another player.

  1. Go to "Menu" > "Inbox." Then tap the red arrow in the upper right and select "Send Message."
  2. Go to "Menu" > "Players." Here you can search through other PK players by different categories including your Friends and Enemies. Tap someone's name in these lists to get an option to send them a message.
  3. If you tap on any other player's building or avatar in the main game display, you'll have the option to send them a Private Message.
  4. If you are viewing someone's profile, there is a button that says "Message Player"
  5. In a chatroom, you can tap someone's name and you'll see the option to send them a PM

Group Hunting

One of the features in PK is the ability to join and battle with players anywhere in the world, regardless of where you are.

Inviting Another Player

Sending an invite is just as easy as sending a Private Message. In fact they are done the exact same way. To invite another player, send them a Private Message and when typing in the message, just be sure to select the box that says, "Invite to Visit?" Now just tap "Send" and wait for the recipient to accept your invitation.

If you receive an Invite message from another player, go to "Menu" > "Inbox" and tap the Invite message_invite.png message. If you choose to pay the Roc Feather cost and accept the Invite, you will be instantly transported to the other player. When you arrive, you will be automatically placed in a group with the player that invited you. Now you can travel, hunt together, and receive sweet gold bonuses for group hunting.

Group Reward Bonus

When working in a group Gold is shared amongst everyone participating in killing a monster. You also get a gold bonus for killing things in a group.

The bonus is calculated based on the number of aggressive people on the parties invite, OR: the number of players attacking the same monster

  • A group of 2 gets 50% more gold.
  • A group of 3 gets 95% more gold.
  • A group of 4 gets 135% more gold
  • A group of 5 gets 170% more gold.
  • A group of 6 or larger gets 200% more gold.

hat_monster_kills.png Weekly Competitions -- Trophy Hats

Every Sunday at midnight (US Central time) a new set of weekly competitions begins. These competitions consist of ranking everyone in PK on 20 different statistical categories. At the end of the week, the highest ranking player in each category earns a very rare and very coveted Trophy Hat that their avatar can proudly wear for the rest of their career. Each category has a unique Trophy Hat that goes along with what is being ranked (i.e., the player that gets the most people to study at their library earns the "Conan the Librarian Hat").

Use the Player's Lists and Profiles described below to see how you are ranking against the rest of Parallel Kingdom.

Players Lists

By tapping "Menu" > "Players" you'll see a list of different categories of players. At the top are your Friends and Enemies lists. Then you see a list of all the members in your city. Next, you see the four global lists of lifetime rankings in Gold, Flags, Levels, and Oil production. If you venture lower, you'll see the Trophy Hat rankings for all the weekly competitive categories.

After you select the Player List you want to view, you'll notice that each player entry shows a grey or green dot next to the current look of their avatar. Grey means the player is currently offline, green means they are online. From any of the lists, you can easily tap a player's name and it will bring you to their profile page.

Profile Pages

Every player in Parallel Kingdom gets a Profile Page. You can access and edit your own by going to "Menu" > "Profile." If you want to edit your status message, tap the red arrow in the upper right corner and select "Update Status"

When viewing other players' profiles, the red arrow also allows you to do several things:

  • Send Gold to the player
  • Send Invite to the player
  • Send a Private Message to the player
  • If the player is in your Kingdom, you'll also see several options associated with that

Profile Pages show a lot of useful information about a player including: Their name and flag color, current status message, which city they are a member of, when they last played, how long they've been playing, their avatar's gender, and their current lifetime stats in gold, flags, oil wells, and levels earned.

Further down the Profile page, you'll also be able to see the player's current rankings in each of the weekly Trophy Hat rankings along with any Trophy Hats they've managed to earn. There are also buttons to view lists of the player's current "Friends" and "Enemies."

player_list_friends.png player_list_enemies.png Friends and Enemies

In the Parallel Kingdom you have the ability to easily keep track of your fellow friends and enemies. A friend or enemy status is always mutual. In other words, if someone is your friend, you are their friend. If someone makes you their enemy, they are automatically your enemy.

As in real life, enemies are very easily created. All you have to do is attack someone or one of their buildings, and you will make a new enemy automatically. Similarly, anyone that attacks you or your buildings, will become your enemy.

Making friends is a little tougher. To do this, you have to visit the other player's Profile Page and use the red arrow in the upper right to "Make Friend." Then they will receive a Private Message saying that you requested to be their friend. If they accept, you will both become friends. If you are currently enemies and wish to call a truce, the process is similar - use the red arrow on the player's profile page and tap "Make Peace." The player receives a PM and has to accept it. If they do, then you will become neutral toward each other (not friends nor enemies).

elo_diamond.png Valhallan Ranking

The Valhallan Ranking is a simple statistic to show off who is the best in battle. It's very easy to understand in that it is all based off of who defeats who. For example, if you run your opponent through, your Ranking goes up. Likewise, if your opponent wins, your Ranking goes down.

One thing to keep in mind is that this isn't just a test of your dueling ability, but also a test of your craftiness, teamwork, and prowess in war! Everyone playing will start at the Bronze Rank with 200. You can view anyone's Rank on their Profile and even check out who the top fighters are in the Rankings List!

Referring Your Friends

Referring others to play PK is a great way to get yourself some free Food (for each successful referral). You'll get 40 free Food each time they level up (max of 400 free food per referral). Each of your referred players also gets 1000 Gold, so its cool for them too.

Option 1

Go to "Menu" >> "Get Food" >> "Share." You'll see a pre-written referral e-mail containing your unique referral code. Just put your friend's e-mail address at the top and send the message.

Option 2

You can also copy down your referral code and get the word out any other way you want, as long as new people start playing.

If you were referred by someone, to enter in a referral code, talk to the Monk at the end of the tutorial. Just choose "Enter Referral Code" and type in the code the other player gave you. Just make sure to enter the code before you are done with the first tutorial. You'll get 1,000 Gold and they'll get 40 Food each time you level up!

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