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Sky Realm


In the world of Parallel Kingdom, there lie two realms, mostly separate from each other, but with some common links. There is the Land Realm and the Sky Realm. The Sky Realm came out with The Age of Ascension Update, and is an entirely different part of Parallel Kingdom than the Land Realm. The Sky Realm takes place on a zoomed out version of the regular Parallel Kingdom Google Maps. Throughout the Sky, there are numerous different buildings, objects, and monsters that create the entire Sky Realm.



In the Sky Realm, you can't just move around like you do on foot. To travel, you either need to be on you Griffin Mount, or you need to be in an Airship. In the Sky Realm, you move around by changing circles. Each circle is 2500m in diameter. The inner circle is your movement circle, and the outer circle, which is only a tiny bit larger, is how you change circles. By moving your Griffin or Airship in between the inner and outer circle, you will begin a 3 second timer which, once finished, will recenter you. This movement is very much like the ability Explorers have. Roc Feathers are not used in the Sky, but movement isn't completely free. When you are on your Griffin Mount, you can move wherever you want in the Sky Realm, there are absolutely no moving limits. While on your Airship though, you consume Fuel with every change of circle you make. Fuel is special to each Airship you own. More powerful Airships can hold more fuel, and therefore need to refuel less, and can go on longer trips throughout the Sky Realm.


fire_element.png wind_element.png lightning_element.png aether_element.png water_element.png

Elements are arguably one of the most important parts of the Sky Realm. There are five different elements that can be found throughout the Sky. They are the Fire Element, the Wind Element, the Lightning Element, the Aether Element, and the Water Element. Elements can be found in Clouds, which are common in the Sky. To help to locate clouds that contain elements, there are markers on the outside of your circles that have a little picture of the element, and an arrow pointing in the direction the element is. The larger the marker is, the closer the element is to you. A Griffin Mount can only hold one element at a time, but an airship can hold one of each element at a time. (5 total). Elements are used in the Sky Realm for a number of different purposes. They can be used to unlock buildings, refine rods, claim Floating Islands, and so much more. Since most actions that require elements require 3 elements at one time, you can't use your Griffin much for collecting elements. Also, if you ever collect a second element of a type you already have, you get that Elemental Buffs. For example, if you have a Fire Element in your Airship and you harvest another Fire Element, you will keep the first Fire Element and receive the Fire elemental buff. If you receive a new Elemental Buff while one is still active, the new one voids the old one.



Throughout the Sky Realm, there are quite a few different buildings that can be used for different purposes. To help locate buildings in the Sky, there are markers on the outside of your circle in the Air. The markers indicate what building is in what direction, and the larger the markers are, the closer the building is to you. Some of the buildings in the Sky Realm need to be unlocked by using Elements. Others need to be claimed. And yet, some others are free. Buildings are in random locations throughout the Sky, and are very important in the Sky. The different buildings in the Sky are:

  • Sky Dock: A place to launch and land your Airship. Must be unlocked to use.
  • Refinery: Used to refine elements into Rods.
  • Floating Island: Very important aspect of the Sky. You can build mines and other structures on them.
  • Fueling Station: Two types of Fueling Stations, gold and refined oil. They can be unlocked and used to purchase Fuel.
  • Seeker Temple: Used to summon Construct Battleships and Ancient Sky Cities. Must be unlocked to use.
  • Ancient Cloud City: A City in the Sky, with a special boss. Created from a Seeker Temple.
  • Twisted Prison: A Prison in the Sky, that can be shot down. Spawns randomly when traveling the Sky.


fire_elemental.png wind_elemental.png lightning_elemental.png aether_elemental.png water_elemental.png

The Sky Realm is teeming with all different kinds of monsters for you to defeat! Although there are a few less kinds of monsters in the Sky than on Land, the Sky monsters are very different. The majority of the monsters in the sky are Elementals. There are five types of elementals, Fire Elementals, Wind Elementals, Lightning Elementals, Aether Elementals, and Water Elementals. These elementals, along with a few other kinds of monsters, are the creatures that you will see throughout the Sky Realm. Elementals have a chance to drop their respective element when defeated. Also, all Sky monsters have a chance to drop Fuel, but only when you are in your Airship. Finally, Sky monsters ALWAYS drop Levitation Energy. Levitation Energy is a crucial Sky resource that can be used to purchase Airship Hull Upgrades. Levitation Energy can only be acquired by killing Sky Monsters, and is not tradable. Some Sky monsters only appear when you are onboard your Airship. The Thunderthrall is one of these Airship-only Sky monsters. The Thunderthrall is a rare Lightning Bird, and will drop a highly coveted Lightning Feather upon its death.

NPC Construct Airships


Construct Airships. They are a very important part of the Sky Realm, and they have a lot to them. First of all, there are three kinds of Construct Airships. There is the Construct Cruiser, the Construct Battleship, and the Construct Dreadnaught. The Construct Cruiser is the most common, and also the easiest of the three. Construct Cruisers can be found throughout the Sky, and are relatively common. Construct Cruisers can be fought while in your Airship, and while on your Griffin Mount. When on your Airship, after depleting the Construct Cruiser's health, you can board it and fight the Constructs inside, whereas on your Griffin, you can harvest the Construct Essence after depleting the ship's health. Construct Battleships are harder than Construct Cruisers, and can be found a different way. Construct Battleships and Construct Dreadnaughts can both be found at a Seeker Temple. Seeker Temples are buildings in the Sky Realm that can create Construct Airships. If you bring the required materials to the Seeker Temple, you can create either a Construct Battleship or a Construct Dreadnaught. Construct Battleships are like Construct Cruisers, except harder. After finishing a Construct Battleship, you will get some of the materials necessary to summon a Construct Dreadnaught. Construct Dreadnaughts are the next and final tier of Construct Airships. They are much harder than all other Construct Airships, and shouldn't be taken lightly. When defeated, they will offer either Aether Energy, which is a resource that can unlock new Skill Points, or a Construct Heart. Construct Hearts can be used to summon an Ancient Cloud City, or they can be dumped for Aether Energy.

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