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Swag is the generic term given to any item which is out of the ordinary. There are 3 main types of swag;

Limited Edition Items

These are released for various holidays, and are often the most valuable. Limited Edition Items are tradable and are often the stock of long term investments. Limited Edition Items, when available, are sold, in infinite quantity for food at every trade post in the game.

Specialization Gear

Specialization Gear is purchased from Monks in exchange for Specialization Tokens. This variant of swag is Specialization class specific, and is not tradable.

Exotic Monster Swag

Exotic Monster Swag is mix of Specialization Gear and Limited Edition Items. During August 2011, these items were purchasable from Trade Posts for food, but after that period, they became available only from Monks, purchasable using Monster Tokens. Exotic Monster Swag is tradable.

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