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Trade Post


Trade Posts are city buildings constructed by a cities Mayor. They can be found near the City Center. Trade Posts that are found to be well stocked, used by a many players, and overall one of the best places to trade goods may become a Trade Hub and show up on player's estate list.

In a Trade Post you can buy and sell all kinds of items, weapons, and resources. Just tap the building and choose "Enter." Inside you'll notice a glowing cash register. Select it and choose to "Buy or "Sell" When buying, you can browse the categories and see what other players have posted for sale. See something you like? Simply tap the item, and "Buy."

If you choose to sell something, you'll be shown your inventory. Select the item you wish to sell and choose "Sell for Food" or "Sell for Gold" depending on what you want to get for it. The Trade Post will automatically add its 5% markup. After your item is posted for sale, it will be removed from your inventory and you will get a Redemption Ticket. If you change your mind, you have 1 hour to get your items back free of charge using the Ticket. After that, you'll have to go back to the Trade Post and buy the items back yourself.

Tax is applied at various rates based on the size of the trade post. The largest Trade Hub is taxed at 15%. All other Trade Hubs are taxed at 10%. Common trade posts which do not have Hub status are taxed at only 5%.

Note: items will be automatically returned if they have not sold after 1 week.

See Average Trade Post Sales Price for the Past 7 Days (Mobile)
See Average Trade Post Sales Price for the Past 7 Days (Web)


Building Hit Points: 100,000

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