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Traveling and Getting Around

After you start Parallel Kingdom, you will probably notice a circle surrounding your character. This is your circle of mobility. To move around within the circle, just double tap the screen.


When you first begin, your circle of mobility and your character are centered at your GPS/WiFi location. PK allows your phone to show you the parallel world, and your current location determines where your spotlight shines. If you want to move your circle of mobility and access new areas, move in real life and tap Menu > Relocate. This will recenter your circle of mobility on your new location.

These are two of the most important ways to get around:

  1. Double tap to move your character within your circle of mobility
  2. Move your circle of mobility by moving in the real world

"But I'm sore from the 10k I ran for charity last weekend. Is there any other way to get around?" Absolutely. There are a bunch of other ways to get around…


Your Dog: Everyone's Best Friend

As you probably remember from the tutorial, to summon your dog, you click on the option "Walk Pet" on your Dog Whistle from your inventory. There is also another way to summon your dog. Go to Menu > Travel > Walk Dog.

Once you have your dog with you, there will be a few options depending on your level. You can train your dog to level him/her up. The maximum level of your dog can be calculated by adding the levels of your highest weapon and your highest armor and dividing that by 2. You can also teach your dog skills. "Track Leather" and " Track Scales". Track Leather is like walking your dog, except it tries to find monsters that yield leather, like Stags, Dire Wolves and Boars. track Scales tries to find monsters like Dragons, Trodonts, and Magnatheres.

The most important option at this point is "Walk your Pet". This costs 3 Roc Feathers, unless you have [[Roc Boots], which would then only cost 2. When you walk your dog, he/she will take you to open land, where you can hunt, build flags, or build a log cabin. The higher level your dog is, the better chance of having good monsters were you are brought.

When the hour that your dog is with you is up, or it loses all of its HP, it will have to rest. The more times you bring out your dog, the longer the resting period.

White Flags: Using Public Transportation

If you are fortunate, in the beginning you will find some white flags nearby. These Flags are actually owned by other players, but they have chosen to leave them open to everyone for travel and hunting. Simply tap the Public Flag and select "Visit." Hopefully you'll find slow, lazy monsters ready to give you their gold and not an angry Dragon.

Roc Tracking

Rocs are giant flying birds that are tamed by trolls and are the source of Roc Feathers. When you find a roc, after attacking it, a Roc Shadow occasionally appears. By clicking on the Roc Shadow, you will have an option to follow it. This will take you to open land with good hunting, a bit like walking your dog.

Visiting Others' Buildings: Right of Passage

When you start out in Parallel Kingdom, you won't have many resources to build your own flags so you might want to use those of other players. Don't worry, most people are friendly in PK - you just have to reach out to them first. A good strategy is to tap on your neighbor's flags and send them a short Private Message. Just introduce yourself, tell them you're new and could use a little help getting around. Then follow the short instructions below to get Right of Passage so you can use their flags for travel. Just make sure not to attack their flags or cut down their trees - that's just bad manners.

To Get Right of Passage

  1. Tap somebody else's structure.
  2. Select "Request Passage" from the menu.

The owner will receive a message in their Inbox alerting them that you have requested passage on their land. Unfortunately, you will have to wait for them to respond (and they might decline your request). If they accept, you will be allowed to travel to all of that player's buildings (except "Private" flags) for a couple Roc Feathers and a small fee of 0, 3, or 10 gold depending on which amount the player chooses. Just be sure to be respectful of their buildings or your Rite of Passage could be quickly revoked.

Visiting Your Buildings: Benefits of Ownership

There are two main ways to visit the buildings that you've built. If the structure is visible on the map, you'll be able to tap it, and select "Visit" for 2 Roc Feathers. This option is available for any building that you can see including Flags, Claimed Caves, and other buildings. This also works for Public Flags , City Flags , and the buildings of other players that have given you Right of Passage.

Using this method, most players choose to build chains of flags that are close together so they can travel from one to the next. Using this method, you can secure a lot of great hunting territory and travel through it very easily. Build your Log Cabin out there and use your Estates menu to get out there whenever you want.

Estates Menu

The other way to visit your buildings is through the Estates menu. Just go to "Menu" >> "Estates" and you'll see a list of buildings that you can visit anytime from anywhere. Buildings that you've built or claimed will make it into this list. Along with Cities Centers you have visited. These are:

If you don't have any buildings in your Estates list, build a Log Cabin or use the City Ticket in your Items list already. What are you waiting for?

Friend Invites

This is really cool. You can visit any distant friend and form a hunting group -- or just hang out and party! To get someone to visit you, just send a Private Message to any other player and select the "Invite" box. Now send the message and wait for them to accept. If your friend outstays their welcome, you can just tap their character and select "Kick Out" to send them back where they came.

If you want to visit someone else, get them to send you an invite. Then go to "Menu" >> "Inbox" and tap their invite message. Then select "Visit Player" and pay the Roc Feathers.

"But I don't have any friends!" Sucks to be you ... er, I mean, why not hang out, chat and try to make a few?

Water Travel

To a land lover like yourself, water will look like a dark shaded area. If you want to venture out into the deep blue, tap anywhere in the shaded area and choose to "Make a Raft." If you have the resources, you'll soon see yourself out in the water with a brand new raft under you. Keep in mind, to travel further out to sea, you still need to build some Buoys or use someone else's. Also, as soon as you go back to land, your raft will disintegrate, so if you don't like wasting resources, don't make hasty decisions.

Resources needed:

Raft: 3 Wood, 3 Crude Oil, 2 Silk

Buoy: 3 Crude Oil, 5 Wood

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